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The goal of the Bruno Lab's research is to define the underlying neural pathways and circuit elements that  contribute to sensory perception: how information from the outside world is relayed to the neocortex, and how subsequent processing among cortical layers and thalamic nuclei contribute to perception, learning, remembering, and reasoning.

Our experiments combine behavior with intracellular physiology, array recordings, two-photon microscopy, optogenetics, and computational modeling. We focus on the whisker-barrel system, which is one of the main means by which rodents explore their environments.

Recent Publication

Simultaneous denoising, deconvolution, and demixing of calcium imaging data

Pnevmatikakis EA
Soudry D
Gao Y
Machado TA
Merel J
Pfau D
Reardon T
Mu Y
Lacefield C
Yang W
Ahrens M
Bruno R
Jessell TM
Peterka DS
Yuste R
Paninski L
Georgia Pierce receives NRSA

JUNE 01, 2016
Congratulations Georgia!

Rikki receives NSF Fellowship

APRIL 01, 2016
Bravo Rikki!

The 2017 Gordon Research Conference on Dendrites, an incredible gathering of researchers studying dendritic function and structure, will be held in March in Tuscany.


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